Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just Started

Back to Mumbai from Boston through Paris. I was fortunate enough not getting landed myself in Delhi.Rain in mumbai has taken a halt for time being,but it shows its presence with occasional showers,but that's what Mumbaikars expect from Dear Rain God. My sucking ISP had got flood of reasons that they are not providing service due to heavy rains.But somehow it has JUST STARTED!!. The horrendous situation of internet speed is that the 4 MB file which was getting downloaded in Boston within twinkling of eyes , here it is taking 10 minutes . Now it is not that i have started comparing the things here in Mumbai and in Boston , but the truth is the ISPs here are not taking the things seriously even when they are getting paid so heavily.By the way , i started blogging again and this is the first blog from my home in Dombivli . The areas around my home are horribly hit by the fearsome rain on 26th of July . With the 15th of August in eyesight , the schools and colleges are getting ready for it recovering themselves from the loss . I hope everything will be okay .Actually my other blog of "Back to Normal life" was supposed to get published first , but my networking knowledge did not allow me to connect cable net to my laptop.Anyway my PC which is filled with lots of junk is workaround for time being.So it is just another beginning from home and getting prepared myself for TOEFL.

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