Wednesday, December 28, 2005


M.C.Puri - Some days back i had heard about M.C.Puri when i was reading some documents in logistics for my work in SAP. The retired IIT Mathematics Professor was horribly killed by a disguised person yesterday. His recent research on Two level hierarchial time minimizing problem revolves around frieght transportation problem and time minimizing transportation problem.
Beside M.C.Puri , Prof Vijay Chandru got injured in the attack. Prof Vijay Chandru is amoung those persons who make the computers available to small villages in India in the form of simputer.

May M.C.Puri rest in peace. Basically all this happened in IISC campus and that too after International conference. It is really high time to be alert for our police during such conferences since these are the stepping stones for our development. I consider Goverment should create much improvised plans for the safety of common man and specially to the conferences of such a level .

Sixty seconds of Mayhem.......

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