Friday, December 23, 2005

Is Desh me bhi strike hoti hain bhai !!!!

One thing i have frequently observed from all Indians whom I have met here, is that they compare the things in US and those with back in motherland very often. And I am not any exception . It is the natural instinct of human beings. Basically idea is that when one gets better things in life , he definitely remembers his old hard days and goes on finding the difference.
So being from the same league or of same nature , Today's headline on METRO(Local Newspaper in Boston) caught my attention . The headline reads "NY transit strike ends". Basically New York was at halt for almost three days. Definitely New York's economy plummetted.But there was no major news on any news channel in Boston or even not in major discussion on any news paper.The article in METRO mentions that the last citywide strike had taken place in 1980. The reason behind the strike was the new contract for workers. I am not aware when the Mumbai Local was on strike last time. But July 26th when the rain had halted Mumbai's life , Mumbai local was the worst sufferer.The purpose of my article is to show the difference of common man's life in New York and Mumbai. If the locals in Mumbai will halt , common man and India's economy established on common man will suffer the most. On the opposite side of coin , New York did not even show the glimpse of any loss. It is not that this country is developed and we are still in developing phase, but the Media does make the sense!!!!!!

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