Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Was that the end of Dada's Era!!!!!!!!!!

I do not want to say anything .The words of controversies , politics are in air. The last time I had seen the worst ever politics was during Congress' victory in national poll and Sonia announced that she did not want to be prime minister , opposition leaders scribbling all along the way for her move. Sadistic situation of Indian Cricket is growing slowly again and politics is taking over the beautiful game which has lost its shine already now.Dada has been sacked from Indian cricket!!!!Not a big fan of Ganguly , but definitely loved watching those classic cover drives , admired his single handedly winning ability and that hard nature against Aussies , English and Paki players. What do you want to say Mr.Nice Guy? The two decisive points in Dravid's career will surely haunt him 1) Announcing the declaration of India's inning when Sachin was at 194 2) Keeping his mum when Ganguly has been axed.
I do not say Dravid is responsible , but he should speak out at this moment . Keeping mum all the time is not good for himself , for Indian cricket and for Indian fans also.

Come on Dada , you will come back!!.

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