Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I have always heard the stories of North Eastern Indians. And I myself feel really guilty for not taking these stories seriously ever in my life. I still remember those days of first year engineering blatantly when there were few North Eastern Indians were with us in hostel. Subbu , who introduced us to them and after that the friendship grew very well. But with the years passed away and their results in engineering exams outclassed them , I started forgetting them , not because they were not taking the things seriously , but i had become serious contender for my career. They were just Hi-bye friends. Still that Hi-bye stuff was enough to maintain the friendship with these people and i was always wanted to have friendship with them. I was really feeling bad for my some close friends who used to call these buddies as Chinese or Nepalese. In fact I told them it is grimmy act to call such a way.Nobody reacted with any kind of contention.And when i read this blog by Anthony Poor Fishermen I felt more guilty than anybody else. I am making an appeal to people to take this seriously and give the forgotten heros the position they deserve.

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Jemima said...

Anthony's post is a shameful yet truthful reflection on my profession...that of a journalist. The mainstream media do ignore issues of the North East. This is not to say that there have been no efforts to bring their problems to the the nation's notice but maybe, a little more focus would definitely help.
Btw, Thanks for having me on your blogroll. I feel honoured....thanks again!