Monday, January 30, 2006

Sky is the limit

Aim at the sun , and you may not reach it; Your arrow will fly higher than aimed at an object of your level.

These versofied lines make me feel the same when I was in 12th and was dreaming big . Why I am talking about sky, sun etc.?When I read the Saket's blog about October Sky , it just was the motivation for my selfish impulses to buy another book and gift my father.The one word ,I can use to describe this wonderful book OCTOBER SKY is, 'Amazing'. It made me feel nostalgic being at home. All those past school days were just in front of my eyes . All the ideas I had thought during school about science , technology, girls were got revoked and gave me such a feeling in the mind that I asked god to give me back those days.

But time is just time which will not come back. I do suggest to all my friends and blog readers , do read "October Sky".

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666 said...

unfortunately never got an oppurtunity to spend time with you in Jalgaon and visit this memories of yours:-) . Maybe someday .