Monday, June 19, 2006

16th June

I was feeling so nervous from last few days as I was waiting for my Visa Interview on 16th June. I knew this was the only opprtunity for me to go for further studies , so it was quiet obvious that I had to pump the adrenalin to crack the interview.How the things went on 16th June..

6:50 AM - woke up..was not able to sleep.Still nervous.
7:30 AM - took bath and sat in drawing room watching football match.
8:45 AM - went to Ganpati temple with my father.
9:30 AM - came back from temple.
9:30 AM - My cousin did something my Ipod and it wasn't working at all.I had
almost lost my temper.Somehow I managed to keep my cool.
9:40 AM - Started raining heavily in Dombivli.Once again lost my temper .Started
countdown to keep the cool.
10:00 AM - Rain stopped and left the home to catch the local.
10:40 AM - got the slow local for CST.
12:00 PM - reached to CST and then to Churchgate from there.
12:40 PM - reached to VFS office at Mahalakshmi. took some snacks.
1:10 PM - went inside VFS office and handed over the coupon.
1:20 PM - went to US consulate through VFS' bus.
1:30 PM - was standing in queue in scorching heat .The girl infront of me said you
were looking so nervous. felt really embarassed.
1:45 PM - I was inside the US consulate.took a deep breath to throw away my
2:20 PM - I was called to stand in queue for interview.
2:40 PM - got my final destination , the interview lasted for a minute.
3:00 PM - reached VFS office again to catch my father and cousin.
3:10 PM - called my brother and informed him , he told me that IPod was working.
Finally keeping cool helped me.
5:30 PM - got my passport from VFS office with F1 visa stamped.
8:15 PM - reached home and heard the news that Argentina thrashed Serbia and
Montegero 6-0.So finally my team will show the world that they still are
underdog world champions.
9:00 PM - got the news of getting my US tax return cheque.

So the whole day was eventful and was full of excitement and it had a great feeling of victory. Finally I will be joining University of Minnesota Twin Cities for my Masters.

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