Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 11 : Mumbai Bombblasts

Dear politicians,
It is to inform you that there have been 7 blasts in various suburbs of Mumbai.The blasts have coincided with Srinagar blasts. The blasts have paralysed the Western Railway Line. No trains are running on the track at the moment as the people of Mumbai are helping there unknown friends , brothers , sisters. Even though terrorists have attacked the Mumbai lifeline Local service during its peak hour , Mumbaikars have shown the great faith in humanity which they always show. Last few days are the worst for all Mumbaikars who are facing the life's sour taste , but still they are coming as winners. Salam Mumbai!!! The suburbs affected are Matunga , Mahim,Bandra , Khar Road, Jogeshwari,Borivali,Bhayandar-Mira Road.The tragedy may affect the mindsets of people , but it can demoralize the people for standing up again and ready to serve . This is the city of Mumbai who never sees its defeat .I am appealing to all that we do not need any help in the sense of finance or any more statements . We need the concrete action against terrorism which is growing day by day. We all know you are still unable to do anything with this. If that is the case , please say in words . Do not provide any false promises. I sincerely request you people not to come to Mumbai, you can ask the status from there only.We do not need your condolescenes , we need that you will learn the lessons from all these blasts which are happening in last few years .

Please this is a request from all those people who have sacrified their lives .I pray to god let their soul rest in peace.

Yogesh Mali

I know my blog may not open the eyes of politicians when such bombblasts can not do that.
I am adding a link in my blog for Mumbaihelp which people visiting my blog can take use of. For more information on Bombay blasts , you can read Gaurav Sabnis.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one sir... so finally da countdown begins isnt it? itz just 10 days left for ur "moksha" from patni.. I hope dat u keep writing so dat I can keep reading..
Chal.. dude.. Take care. - Da Rockig Tush from Dombivli :)