Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stand up to Laugh

These three people make me laugh a lot. The reason I have put these three together is because of their similarities. Pula , Seinfeld and Raju have the distinct characterisitcs that make them really similar. All three always used to depict some persona in their art. Pula are not any more but their literature with vivid memories of stories e.g. Nathya Kamat , Narayan, Chitale Master , Pestan kaka are so touching and indicates the microscopic observation of Pula about the people around them. Similar thing I found when I watched Raju Srivastava on Great Indian Laughter Challenge , he may not have that microscopic view, but his general observation about all the things around him and specially UP bhaiyas and non-living things that make him the unique character in Indian Comedy. In case of Jerry Seinfeld , the idea is somewhat similar as Pula , but Jerry make you laugh a lot , but his ideas are not emotional which was the case with Pula who used to make you laugh and at the end make you think about the character for a long and may be you will never press the delete button of your memory for file of that character. These three people definitely changed the stand-up characterisation of people and thank god all three got good norms all over the world. Raju really deserves more than what he has got till now. I leave rest of the things for people to comment on what they think about these three characters.

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