Saturday, October 28, 2006


Recently I have read so many posts, reviews , news about Gandhigiri that I was really feeling ashamed. A movie " Lage raho Munnabhai" had given a new life to Gandhigiri. How is that possible ? When a movie like "Gandhi" or "Making of Mahatma" could not make their impact on mindset of people , then a movie like "Lage raho munnabhai" , a bhai can change the mindset. This is sad state of we, people in India. During my school days , or college days , we were usually used to talk on Gandhi as a person , and 95% of people used to curse Gandhi for his deeds. Was it because of what we saw in "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" or we never realized Gandhi. I think it is second thought. We never understood Gandhi as a human being. We called him "Bapu" , we called him "Mahatma" , but we really never tried to understand him. The violence has occupied our mindset in a such a way that we never imagined that there can be a better way to fight against the injustice. I equally treat Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. And whatever we saw in the movie , it may be truth or it may not be. In one way , if that was the truth , Gandhi was wrong with his moves , and at least my history book never taught me that Gandhi was wrong in any front in that case. Let us assume he was wrong. Now imagine , after Bhagat Singh's sacrifice , the people really got inspired and felt like burning themselves. The real freedom fight had begun after that.Now see other side of the story.Why Gandhi was right in his way for the freedom?Did we have any forces at that time?Did we have any technology to develop armed weapons to fight against Britishers?Whatever our Krantikaries got , those were also either from England or Subhashchandra Bose got it from Japan or Germany.But the things were not enough competent to fight against Britishers.Logically thinking, the idea of non-violence was right move to fight against them. But it was just the mindset of people which was not allowing them to read what Gandhi wanted to teach at that time. Non-violence had its own power. Gandhi realized this principle , used it against England and finally all over the world , people realized it too. But why we ourselves were so behind. Don't you think so that we are really in sad situation and should think about our conscience and its powers?I know there are number of points uncovered on this whole topic as it is an unending story.


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Well m writing something on similar lines.. good u inspired me.

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