Saturday, December 16, 2006

Social Web

We had a class this semester of Social Web. Even though I was not part of the class, few of my friends who did take it , talked to me regarding it some time. Basically idea here is simple, instead of sharing the data through some way of internet, how the web has evolved in connected people in various ways.Basically web is trying to play the role of socializing the people.And true, where people have lost touch to their close people, web has done the job artistically to connect people. With development orkut, facebook, linked-in people are getting connected for social purpose, for business purpose. And you know, it really helps. There are definitely number of other ways for socialization through web. Wikipedia has been the most appreciated work in this regard where people are willing to share the knowledge. My purpose of writing this topic is the role blog is playing in socializing the things. Basically, I got the idea to write this topic , when Nupur on her blog asked for help requesting for a job for her friend. And Manish responded positively. Don't you think so blog is connecting us professionally as well socially? With increasing number of bloggers, people are striving to read more and more. Some people write on their personal notes , some write on social things, some write business stuff, so basically blog has become just another medium of knowledge sharing socially. This invention of social web will take us into new era of internet.
So stay connected , keep sharing the knowledge!!!!!!!!!!


666 said...

you said it.

Though I still think blogging is limited to the select few who can write well. I have so many friends who started and gave up.

Furhter, I think blogging is a much stronger medium of socializing than any others you have mentioned. It allows freedom of speech, expression which others dont.

yogsma said...

@666 - That's true. But there are so many bloggers who keep writing regularly ..special mention Gaurav.
But Social web is not all about freedom of speech, it is just part of it..there are things like knowledge sharing, knowledge distribution. There are certain things other than wikipedia , such as Youtube, Google videos (Both are same now) which made the sharing so easy with videos.So there are different ways.