Thursday, February 15, 2007

A ga-ga over cricket

I know that my last few posts are around cricket world . But finally it is my favorite sport and I have done enough for it during my childhood days in those hot summer days in Jalgaon. But this post is again on cricket and the match fixing scandal. You know all matches around the world seem to be fixed. I don't know , but my intuition clearly says to me that all matches are fixed.Wait, don't rush.I will give you ample proof for this. During last series with West Indies in West Indies , WI dominated Indians in One Day. This was agreed on the basis that India will win only one match and also test match series with single victory.But why WI will agree on this? Because last test series between these two teams in India was drawn and One day series was won by WI. So this gave rare chance to Indian team to improve their overseas records. And the same team had won 17 matches straight while batting second and suddenly lost its touch and winning formula.I can't believe it. Then it was also agreed that WI will be reaching to DLF cup final by defeating India. In return , India will dominate WI in home one day series. Okay, leave WI now. Take South Africa series. India lost all its one day matches and won rare test match in South Africa (first in SA). This was agreed because India had won test series against SA in India and had equalled one day series by coming from behind. So even after leading test series by 1-0, we lost so convincingly in test series. Take biggest example with Pakistan. India went to Pakistan after almost long time . India won one day series and won the test series so that bilateral series between two arch-rivals will continue. Pakistan accepted the fact only to win the one day series in India and draw the test series. In return , India lost the test series in Pakistan and won the one day series. Now do you want me to predict the series winner in next series with Pakistan? So here are my predictions, Pakistan will lose the test series and one day series will be leveled. After that when India will go to Pakistan, India will lose test series and one day series both. Believe me , this will happen for sure.(I hope it should not)I don't want that cricket should lose respect in my eyes. Enough about my intuition, but still my intuition clearly says that Australia will not win the coming world cup with Gilchrist and Symonds are not playing and Warne retired , McGrath lost its touch almost. Almost all players are new , there are really few chances for Australia winning the world cup. My bet is on South Africa , but I want India to win the world cup.

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