Friday, March 09, 2007

Smart move

This is called real Marketing Strategy, a smart move by Cub Foods, Rainbow retailers. Till now , there were hardly any sections in these stores for foreign products. Now they have started new sections such as Indian, Chinese, Italian and Thai Food separately along with all other normal American products. Specially when I saw most of Indian products which I usually buy from Indian Shops , I was surprised. This will just not attract Indians to buy from here those products , but will definitely cause a concern for Indian shops running in US. Usually Indians buy most of grocery from these stores and all other Indian stuff from Indian Shops, but the things will change more in near future. And no surprise, the prices of those grocery products are really less than what we pay at Indian shops. This is a strict warning for all Indian Shops in US.


666 said...

chalo.. finally something besides cricket:-) salli are you supporting the Windies he he?

any plans of india. m planning a 10 day leave somewhere in july/august.

yogsma said...

@666- I am pro Indian always ,all time.

My summer holidays are beginning from mid-May to August, but will be busy with internship and preparation for WPE. I will be in India during December probably.Is it possible for you during that time?

Tyson said...

This is called globalization:)