Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh Captain! My Captain

Thanks Moi for an eye opening blog.Exams were over two weeks ago already,but my laziness to write was making waves in the mind,so was unable to write. There can not be a better day to make Shree Ganesha of my blog once again. (Those who don't know, today is Ganesh Chaturthi).

Yesterday's news made me write something about the player whom I admired from day 1. In the March 1996, he walked on the ground to bat against Sri Lanka and made an impact on my mind. From that day,I supported Rahul "The Wall" Dravid every moment and even argued with my father and brother for his excellence compared to Sachin Tendulkar. He is the one player who kept calm on every occasion and showed his true introvert nature even during worst situations in Indian dressing room. Lots of people are not admiring his decision to step down as captain as they think he was doing the best job, but for me he did a good job by stepping down as captain because I always wanted him the best batsman. Many people complained that he was not aggressive , but how does one define aggressiveness? For me Dravid was always best batsman, best captain and he left captaincy at the right moment instead of dragging unnecessary controversies and then getting sacked from team. Hope to see some great batting days of Rahul Dravid ahead.


Radha said...

Agree that steady temparament is the "it" factor which makes a good sportsman and Rahul Dravid has it.

Moi said...

he's as they call him Mr Cool...i like him..havent followed cricket in a long time now but my brother from home keeps me updated...but Dhoni as captain made me laugh!!!I have nothing against Dhoni...i rather like him but captain???

Moi said...

i think i should swallow my last comment about Dhoni after yesterday's win!!!!! :)