Monday, May 24, 2010

Google TV

Recently Google announced its entry into TV market. I was kind of expecting this considering Google's money making model of advertisements. Probably with that announcement, we will be able to see the web on TV and even browse. I have always been a fan of Google products, but recent failures of  Buzz, Wave, I am getting a feeling that Google might be doing the same thing what Microsoft did a decade back. When we were introduced to computers in India, it was all about Microsoft products, starting from Windows, DOS, Office. Human psychology behind using graphical user interface than command line interface is always stronger. Somehow, most of us got trapped in using windows more often. Geeky linux guys kept themselves glued to linux for years and even now open source struggles to make its presence through linux.  Despite Google's efforts to support open source, non-profit organizations and its products in energy economy(powermeter) , it might just monopolize the world where friends might turn into foes. Concept of TV is so strong and since there is slow innovation in that area, I am sure even Luddite will appreciate Google TV. Finally it's all entertainment business.

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