Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Specialists and Generalists

"In our times, specialists of all kinds are highly overrated. We need more generalists people who can provide broad perspectives."
Specialists and generalists are balancing the developed society. With generalists forming the base, specialists are taking the society forward with their experience and intelligence. Generalists with their broader views are giving the society that presence which make it inevitable in the world.So this is my perspective that generalists can not be ignored and specialists should not be overrated.
Nobody is inborn specialists in any of the area. At rudimentary level , everybody is generalist and slowly the experience and their mere intelligence makes them specialists. A child starts learning arithmetic with simple addition, subtraction, division, further goes with learning higher algebra ,geometry and even further calculus. This is the level of generalists.His motivation and intelligence persuade him to take differential equations and their uses as his subject of specialization. This citation clearly reveals the idea that generalists are lying at initial stages and specialists are part of upper layer.
In any of the organization, specialists form the cream of it ,but generalists are those who make the organization get going. In an IT firm, a person is not recognized as specialists unless he is completely master of the particular software and brings the revenues with his skills. In one of the organization, a single person was specialist and was forming the base for all generalists. The day specialist decided to leave the organization , it started the downfall of organization. But the generalists of the same organization took the charges and started thinking and interacting their way .This not only give them the opportunity to present their views ,but also exposed to world. This incidence took the organization to new heights of success.
In any case specialists should not be ignored. Where generalists can’t take the charges ,specialists handle the same with their skills and abilities. To prove this , take the game of cricket. In crunch situations when batsmen needed to bat elegantly to win the game, bowler can’t bat with that proficiency or vice versa. There are many more examples which cite that specialists are important to society along with the generalists.
To have an idealistic society, nobody should rule or overrated. They are equally important .

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Charu Majumdar said...

good post ! i remember seeing this
topic in GRE's list of topics and the
official ETS material had some stellar
essays on "generalists vs. specialist"