Sunday, October 31, 2004

Importance of Result

" The belief that one should play without attaching importance to the result of the game is without merit.It is often noticed that the one who plays to win is the one who takes home the cup."

A victory and a defeat are the parts of any game.There is no shame in loosing the game.Every lost game teaches you something and gives you the strength to ensure to play for the victory the next game.Determination and never say die spirit are the prgamatic sources which keep the game alive till its end.If you are determined to win, you are sure to take the victory with you.

In any kind of game or sport ,spectators do expect from their players to win each and every game.It is players' duty that they should have the broad heart to go and extrude the oppostion.Single mindedness and hard work are keys to success.Monica Seles is the best example of those players who are determined to come back and play for the victory.When she was stabbed in 1993 at Hamburg , nobody had believed that she would ever make her comeback to tennis court.But her passion,ardor,determination for the game over came the obstacles in her path and she returned to tennis to win the Australian Open in 1996.Even after the sad demise of her father the same year , she was luck enough to recuperate and play the game.

Truth and love for the game pay to players its real value.In 1983 , nobody has ever believed that India will be emergent as world champion of cricket and that too defeating two times World Champions West Indies.It shows that if you have faith in yourself , you can conquer the world.Kapil Dev's 1983 team was all out for 183 runs.Millions of people were praying back in India for the victory.Players too showed the courage to win and they won finally.This was majestic victory and people were dancing on the roads.This exemplify that you will win if you are determined for so.

Every Game or sport are for the entertainment of people.They should always be played with the right spirit .People should enjoy the game without caring for the result of it.It is players for whom result matter.There is nothing deleterious in loosing the game .Only thing is that they should lear from the defeat and should try to win their next game.It is finally inevitable truth
" Winner never quits and Quitter never wins".

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