Wednesday, June 22, 2005

16th June , 2003 to 16th June 2005

Hhhhmmmm , trying for a big relief ..most coveted two years of life ..valuable experience gained in software industry and now waiting for the independence day and so just making my own wings a bit stronger so that i can face the world vigilantly.
So two years ago , around 16th June , I joined Patni Computers System Ltd,one of the sick software companies in India. Some of the miseries surround the mind of oneself and it ticks an abstruse idea to do something differently. So when i had got a chance to join IIT Roorkee , what suggested me that i should prefer Patni to IIT for M.Tech at that moment, is still a mystery. Father reminded me ten times for the opportunity which i was seeking from 12th. Anyway that is past now. Let me forget about the past and enjoy the present .
14th July will be the day when i will complete two years in Patni as employee and my unbreakable ( It is breakable) bond will come to an happy end. During past two years , i learnt a lot , got a valuable onsite experience and realized the meaning of "SOFTWARE INDUSTRIES". And it is nothing but just Money Generator . So , right now waiting for few days , so that i can also go for my post graduation. Last few days and last few hiccups , i was almost "SLEEPLESS in BOSTON" , and one of my manager reminded me of movie "SLEEPLESS in SEATTLE" while i was online for most of my onsite duration even at nights (the habit of hostel which i can't leave).
So here begins the FINAL COUNTDOWN ....10 ,9,8,7,6,5,4,3....................

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666 said...

Will things ever be the same again.. its the final countdown.