Saturday, June 25, 2005

Franconia - New Hampshire, a trip to remember

With keeping myself in four walls , i had never imagined the reality of the world. So finally i broke the shackles , and made up my mind to go to New Hampshire with all my companions. New Hampshire is aptly known as Switzerland of America. Journey was supposed to start at 10:00 o'clock in the morning , but as always ,our habit of getting up late let us down and we began the journey at around 12:00. I truly apprciate americans for their Road Management . The roads have been constructed in such a beautiful way that , any novice will also never lose his way . Once you understand the driving rules here in US , you will enjoy the driving . This will be a big surprise for all those who know that i even can't drive two wheeler gear vehicle and how can i talk about Four wheeler driving .But finally this is my observation power which gives me an edge to grasp the things much better way to realize the things happening around. We were on the 93 south highway to New Hampshire state . The biggest folly of the trip for me was that i had not charged my camera and i lost all moments which i would have enjoyed to capture in an Electronic gadget..(still i got them with the help of Sanjeeb's camera).
After almost two hours and 150 Miles journey , we reached Franconia .Franconia is famous for its waterfalls and beaches. Our first destination was The Flume . Flume is a narrow riverbed gorge.Flume has originated from Latin word 'Fluere' means to flow. There is quite good history behind forming of Flume and it takes us well behind the time and around the Jurassic times.Whatever my RAM can remember , i can write here. Around 200 million years ago and in Jurassic times , the conway granite was buried in molten form.As it cooled granite was broken by closely spaced vertical fractures which lay parallel in northeasternly direction.Sometimes after fractures were formed, small dikes of basalt were forced up along the fractures.Basalt was crystallized quickly against cold granite.Further these basalt eroded faster than granite and created the deep valley where the geroge is now. And deep valley gave birth to some beautiful waterfalls. So this was a reall nature's wonder.Further moving from here , we went to Franconia Notch state park where we got a chance to climb as high as 4180 feet from sea level through a TRAM.First time in the life , i sat in the tram . Now it was time for wrapping up the things , while returning , we took a exit 34C for Echo lake Beach . The beach did remind the water problem in India's beaches , where one can't find its face in it. The water here was crystal clear and the beach even though it was not natural , we enjoyed our time there.(Try to get the meaning here ).So finally , the time was up and everybody was tired with such a long journey in car. It was really enjoyable in car as we took 93 south to Boston. The memories may remain in mind and blog now , but i truly enjoyed the every moment of being in the company of nature.

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