Tuesday, July 05, 2005


A month long planned trip for Niagara was finally confirmed on June 29th , 2005 . The travalogue was planned for 2nd and 3rd of July with the consideration of long weekend we had. On the 3rd morning , Travelpack US bus was going to take us to our destination. The TravelPack was owned by Chinese and this does indicate the hegemony of Chinese in this region of World.But we had decided that we will not allow them to take over us and we were successful most of the times. The bus was full with chinese and indians only. Vasco , travel guide for the trip was a good fellow and i definately impressed with his English accent since i had quite a healthy experience of bad accent of chinese. On Saturday we were supposed to tour 1000 islands and would reach Niagara in the night around 9 o'clock. But as it always happens , we were late by our plan and started the journey for Niagara at around 6 o'clock. As were going to stop for dinner at some Chinese Restaurant , bus driver decided to halt at one place and he moved the bus to parking place. Parking place was absolutely empty and driver turned the bus and he striked a big lamp post . And All of sudden the wind of quietness flown in the bus for few minutes. Nobody was able to realize that our bus had met with an accident till a small child started crying . And this is because child has the most sensing power than any other human beings and he realized the pain also. The most horrible thing for me was that i was on the foremost sit of bus and got hurt at my chick.But it was okay for me that the injury was not serious. I looked at driver , and felt that all the tensions of life is owned by this person only and that moment and that was true since the driver was just a young fellow like us of around 24 age and was driving a bus with such a big responsibility. Other major thing i noticed after the accident , the way US Police handled the incident. In lapse of two minutes , everybody was gathered at the place , ambulance , police and other security personels. And in ten minutes everybody vanished , even the broken glass of bus which were spreaded on the open space of parking. Though the trip finally was completed next day , the memories of accident will remain in the heart.

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