Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pavasa aata tari ja ..Please ...

My sentiments shettered when i read Gaurav's blog about His Flood Experience . The awful situation at Aapli own Mumbai seems to be creating havoc.I could not stop tears rolling down from my eyes. The incidence of deluge in Mumbai might have created a world record for rain fall , but what matters is the life of people .The death toll is going to touch around 800.It is not just calculation of how much money Mumbai lost , but it has been true tale of human spirit to live the life and stand still in front of obstacle even though it might be a natural calamity .It is being hard to believe that Mumbai has faced all kind of calamities from Bomb Blast to recent Flood incidence. The terrible Tuesday of 26th July gives a glimpse of disaster. The blunder is so horrible that Mumbai was logged totally without any connection to world.If Metro like Mumbai can not cope up with this kind of calamity , i can hardly believe that any other city in India will ever survive from such a torrent.I know the disaster is so horrible that my comments on developing some warning system for floods or exact predictions of wheather conditions are not going to matter much . But why we always think this way when we have suffered ? The same thing happened when tsunami waves hit easten coastal areas.
I suppose to land on 2nd August in Mumbai , i am praying to God , please keep the things normal till i land there ..I hope i will be lucky enough to land and normalize the things..Please stop it , stop it now .

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