Sunday, July 24, 2005

It is just going to begin

So ..finally i am going to be lucky enough to watch the matches at home from sometime now.The Indian Cricket season is going to start and avid cricket fans are waiting for the moments. No Tendulkar , no Ganguly , Dravid is gonna lead the team , it is going to be acid test for newcomers Suresh Raina , Venugopala Rao and all others who are fighting for permanent position in the team. And if Ganguly is going to come back for playing , if he clears out his charges , he has to play under Dravid for Sri Lanka Series ..that's something interesting.Dravid was always a good player and can lead a team if needed . He has the impression to motivate the team and has the ability to find out a way to dig through crunch situation. He is being personified by the media as Youth Idol and that's true even as his character divulges the truth.So let us find a new Rahul Dravid in this series .. I am waiting for the REPLAYS....

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