Friday, August 19, 2005

Final Frontier

It is a story of all revelations as i am preparing for the heyday. With the TOEFL in eyesight , i am pumping my adrenalin to crack the exam this time. I know TOEFL is nothing in front of exams like GRE , CAT , but still the last minute pressure , all the things which i can remember at that moment, want me to be prepared. With not much big preparation , I am going to try my best. This is the final exam of my career (written or CBT at least) in India , before i can land in the Land Of Amerigo Vespusi for higher education. I may be treating this as a final frontier ..but this is not the last hurdle as my biggest hurdle will be finance. But i am not worried about it at the moment and will be starting to plan soon for all the things . With Next generation TOEFL is going to be effective from September 2005 , i am considering myself lucky somewhat , but anyway there is no big change in new test except addition of Speaking section. So instead of keeping myself in labyrinth of hardwork and patience , i am going to appear with all zeal and resolved mind. Till then All the best.

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