Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reviving the Ashes to Fire the Cricket

Finally after lots of hiccups , I am back with a topic of my choice. The third test between arch-rivals England and Australia provided the nail biting finish which any avid lover of cricket will like to watch.The result may be a draw, but it truly showed the emergence of England as a strong test team and decline of a team which has dominated this game in last decade. Last three Ashes tours were one sided affairs , but this has scripted a different story so far.The World Champions were tamed in the same way when Indians had dominated the series in 2003-2004 series. And the same story seems to be repeated here till now. Only difference is that England is playing in its own backyards.But the performance of England was horrible just two years ago when they were ahead of Zimbabwe in test ranking. This time tale is in other direction.Australia's performance has plummeted suddenly and they are looking vulnerable now. Except Ricky Ponting , no other batsman is showing the ability to stand on the crease. I am of opinion at the moment that their top rated batsman need a lesson or two from Shane Warne who has batted like a champion in the series so far.England won the second test by 2 runs and they were equally on the verge of winning third test also before Brett Lee and Glenn Mcgrath stopped Andrew Flintoff from blasting with his joy. I am hoping that England will continue their drean run and will dominate Australia in rest of the matches. But true , Andrew Flintoff is the man to watch who has revived the Ashes to Fire the game of Cricket.

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