Sunday, September 25, 2005

Who is he?

It has lost all its shine now. The each day is bringing disinterest for me for my all time favorite sport Cricket. Cricket , i remember my childhood days when i used to play around the colony cricket with my friends and we used to go in another colony for match against their team . The matches were used to for Rs.11,21 , 51 or 101 . The captain of the team was used to collect 5 to 10 Rs. from each team member . And it was for the benefit of the team that every player has to pay the match fees .This was further utilized to buy ball, bat and any necessary items required to play cricket. I never got the money easily from my parents for playing cricket. Then i was trying to save money from my pocket money and was using them to play cricket. I had bought three bats till 10th class. But all in vain , all the three bats were broken in 5 to 6 months period. Gully cricket was very famous among us those days. Later as we grew , we realized the responsiblity toward family , cricket as a sport. And we grew in a good team. Everybody intermittently playing the game for the betterment of it. We never won a trophy , but we did win the hearts. I was born right handed. But During one match , i damaged my right leg and was saw the picture that i would never able to play the cricket. But a thought suddenly striked my mind , and i decided to play with left hand. But i was never changed my bowling action as i remained right handed in that sense. As i became left handed batsman , my captain lost faith in me ,but in the very next match i showed what was there in me. I scored half century in my very first match with left handed batting . This was much better than my right handed batting. And after that i never went back to my original things . This does make me ambidextrous, but the sport of cricket has lost its shine now. Recent hiccups of Indian cricket are reaching new heights to worsen the sport. I can not see cricket going in such a wrong direction. This needs to be corrected.Somebody has to revolutionize the game again.Who is he?

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666 said...

hey saali.. cheer up. You should never get disappointed with cricket just because India is not doing well. I have never had the passion for cricket but other sports definitely. Your account of your childhood makes me feel nostalgic as well. will right a post on growing up with playing games.