Saturday, November 12, 2005

Milan Airport

Sorry for procrastinating the topic , but i had certain ideas which i always wanted to put forward.My itinerary was from Mumbai to Milan and from Milan to Boston.AZ 0771 took its way in the air from Mumabi to Milan. While being in europe once , it was exciting to be in Pizza'a and Football's own country Italy. The situation at Mumbai airport in last few days was worst . As we all know Italy being developed nation , but the situation at Milan airport changed my mindset. Since my next flight from Milan to Boston was supposed to fly at 10:30 AM (CET) , I had very little chance to experience Milan airport. As the flight AZ 06188 began to fly , i got a chance to sleep well. After almost two hours , i got up again and the announcement in some what italian accent was in air that everybody had to come out of flight as there was some engine failure and i got shocked with the news as i was still thinking that i was flying. But i realized that plane had not taken off even.This was one of the horrible experience i had .With no further hiccups , i and some of my Patni friends came out of flight and were waiting for some kind of announcement.It was already eight hours since i had satisfied my tummy. So with some kind of human spirit from Alitalia flight , they started giving lunch passes. I thought it would take hardly an hour or two to be back here on the board , so thought it was bearable.But later they announced that the flight has been delayed by 10 hours.Oh! No! that was the news like breaking some one's heart. I assumed the break was bearable provided they had given us some accomodation. The Airport authority said they had not any hotel at airport and the construction was going on . I shocked with the news.I realized that these european countries had claimed to be developed , but they could not even provide the accomodation. I compared the Mumbai and Milan Airports and the thought of Mumbai airport was much better than what i had imagined for Milan airport. Mumbai Airport is 1000 times better i say.
Not elaborating further , my return journey is also by the same airways ..will it be more shocking than this???

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