Saturday, December 03, 2005

When Dad retires...

So the day has come and the glimpses of responsilbity are clear in front of the eyes.My father got retired from his 23 years service from State Bank of India on 30th November and he entered in his sixties on 1st December.Being an ex-serviceman from Indian Air Force , then worked at Telephone Exchange before joining his last job at State Bank of India, my father has devoted his life to public sector and government. Being true patriot , I definitely follow my father for his principles , his work and his dedication. The invaluableness of thoughts and the learnings is imbibed through one's work. And the best example for this is nobody else than my father. His service to India will always help me to motivate in my coming career .Being eldest in whole family , father has done a great job in every department. Beside being a great cook , he has taken care of the things coming in his hands. The best thing for me is that he made me compatible in this competitive world .
Definitely responsiblity is to realize the importance , realize the love and realize the truth.
"Please spread the word , let the world realizes the truth." - By Deepak Haval.

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