Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Daniel Valentine

The definition of personification can not complete when I say something about this person Daniel Valentine. He , an Harvard MBA , has worked for 15 years in The Gillette Company. He has resigned from Gillette and now tomorrow is his last day in Gillette . I was working under him for last 9 months , and it was excellent experience for me to work under him. Below is the mail from this sudoku creator expert :

In a tribute to the wide open spaces of the 9th floor, which I'm about to leave behind, the enormous state of Texas, where I'll now be living, and that undiscovered country--the future--, I'd like to invite you on extremely short notice to join me on the 9th floor of the Prudential Tower Building tomorrow at 3:00 for some light refreshment. (Depending on turnout it could be very light, or you might get a nice treat to take home.)

I hope to have the opportunity to say good-bye to you there or some other way before my last day on Friday the 13th. If not, it has been a pleasure working with and learning from you, and I hope if I can be of service you will feel free to reach me at ......(removed his personal email id from the blog) in the future.

There is no need to RSVP, but on the off chance that someone does, I've made you all bcc to prevent mass responses. Feel free to mention this to people who would want to come, since I'm sure I have not included everyone I would like to have remembered.

Until we should meet again,
I remain, as always,
Your humble servant,
Dan Valentine

My Reply to his email:

Salute to you and your Office which will be open space in few days, may time stop ticking for some more days!!! I am feeling obliged as i got a chance to sit near your office. These were the most learning moments of my life as i sat near a Person who can touch infinity for sure.

These are the open spaces which will remember the infinity ,
and will leave behind the memoirs of your intelligence and humor,
May you touch the sky , Pru-9 will be crowded tomorrow for sure...
Salute to this untouchable human who gave rebirth to finance

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