Sunday, January 08, 2006


Any revolution needs a concept . The concept which can change the living beings and the standard of life , is said to be revolutionary idea.Today's article by Coomi Kapoor about Delhi's Metro train
  • Mind the negativism , please
  • has brought the same change which one would have dreamt ever about.
    Delhi's metro has resolved the long cessant problem of transportation and we can proudly say that Delhi is competiting with other metros and can truly represent the capital of India. Basically I am excited to see the prestine look of Delhi stations which I have not seen yet.The best thing of the article is that it mentions that Delhi has shown the unification of ideas of varied section of societies and Metro has contributed in major way.When the common man has to fight for his survival and has given up with fighting with such issues of transportation or any other social problem , Metro definitely can give a new vision to cheer the life.This will be the necessary gyration in the social perception. The late politician Jagpravesh Chandra had forsighted the Metro , but it took a long time before it got implemented and gave a Sanjeevani to paralyzed transportation of Delhi. Such stories and the articles look good in books or newspapers , but the Metro is the yesterday's falsity, today's truth and tomorrow's road for our progress.Such revolutionary changes will bring India out of its dilapidated look and can make London looks dingy.

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