Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here begins the journey... begins the journey with destiny. I just got admit from Arizona State University for Fall 2006 for Ph.D. in Computer Science. The things lined up to be done are Bank balance , education loan, student visa, study of my research's basics and finally moving to US for 5 years research. There are number of things which are affecting me psycologically at this moment. I know the things will be hectic in future days.Number of friends are getting stunned on my choice for Ph.D. after 3 years of work experience . But the things will be normal and I am determined to study for years to come , finally man has to learn till eternity . But still Arizona is not final as I am still waiting for results from other universities.


Tusharrrr said...

Hey, Don Worry man.. I know you, n I can say its one of the best choices you have made for yourself.
The chance you are getting is quite rare.. so Dont take tension and light the flare.

Raghu said...

Finally you are heading to univ of Minn right?

I am Raghu heading to Univ of minn for my PhD in chk out my blog in ur free should elaborate more in ur posts..