Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some more worries to Indian Education

Before reviewing some more worries to Indian Education system , here are my previous blogs on Indian Education
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  • . I do not want to be part of any blamegame where I am eqaully guilty.
    During my reading of last three mathematical books
    1) The man who knew infinity - Ramanujam
    2) The greatest unsolved problem - Reimann Hypothesis - Bernhard Reimann
    3) A Beautiful Mind - The Game Theory - John Nash

    I realized we have lost the shine of pure sciences . Once the person lands in 12th class, his parents or he/she himself/herself burdens or get burdened with expectation of being a doctor or an engineer. And that's where we loose the charm of pure sciences and they become the mental block of securing a seat in Engineering or Medical colleges. Still there are number of geniuses who join IIT for 5 year integrated course of M.Sc. in Maths , Physics or Chemistry . And there are number of born intelligent students who clear international olympiad for Maths , Physics or Chemistry, but still recent history shows that we do not have any good scientists in these areas who would have contributed towards major research in India.

    All above books show the zeal and competition in US and Europe for Mathematics and its research value.

    Do we have any recent scientists in Mathematics ????

    I am waiting for the answers...

    bhuga said...

    Interestingly, comments on your last 2 posts had paid no attention to your topic. :-) Anyway, Coming back to ur topic. Lets try to find why in other nations people can opt for such options. Because all occupations can help you earn good amount of money. Parents want security for their kids. ( Our parents grew up in a era where job security was foremost concern.) Hence parents push their kids for Engg, Doct. To facilitate research we need conductive environment for reasearch. It is either provided by Industry or Goverment. The goverment's main concerns are poverty and equality, education to all. Hence it has little left to concentrate on research. We need to copy some of US's solutions. Gov. encourages industry by offering discount in tax if they promote research or offers loans in terms on money. In fact the US army is biggest compamy for research. We will have it but it will take time. Didn't budhha said to be patient in life. :P

    yogsma said...

    @bhuga..thanks for comments..but there are so many ways we can think of improving our own education system that we need to take the steps right away. I know we were growing up in an environment where job security was foremost criteria , but chioces are limited, we need to explore. Anyways..hoping for that revival soon..or let us make it possible.