Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last Day In Patni

The idea behind first job has changed drastically over the years. In the ages of my father ,grandfather , the first job was getting overwhelming joy from neighbourhood people and it was well respected in the village also.When my father joined Air Force from a small village (which is now tehsil), everybody from village was surprised , but respected my father like anything. After completing engineering , I joined Patni Computer Systems Ltd. which was sixth largest software company in India.Today was my last day in Patni .The three years of experience endeavoured me to learn variety of things e.g. how to deal with people , how to tackle problems , how to tackle critical situation etc. I gained the inner sight on my technical knowledge , but i lacked the depth of it. So I could not raise the efforts to acquire certain things. Anyway I am going for further reseach based on my experience and hope to do better there. Job never gave me the kind of excitement when I left which I might had. There is big topic to come on Patni..but few days later..right now I am busy with my preparation for flying to US.

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