Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Breaking News

TV Media has reached to xenith in its uselessness when they showed the news of a child drowning in a 60 feet hole.Luckily child named "Prince" survived. Definitely this was a miracle , but media displayed its fruitless integrity in catching with TRPs and their competition with each other. Zee News even declared to help the child to carry out his education.The news was shown on TV for almost 40-45 hours continuously without any update on any other news of nation or world. Zee News , Aaj Tak , Star News were the culprits for making whole weekend boring. I want to appeal all these three channels that they have ever looked towards the reality . The reality of those helpless children in India who are getting tarnished under child labour is still hidden from millions of people in India. Any channel is not bothering to come forward and display their charity. In this sense , NDTV maintained their credibility by showing this particular news at lesser extent. In other respect , when it was raining heavily in Mumbai , these channels took responsibility to show every heartening scenes on TV , while they are not at all bothered to show the deluge in south Maharashtra sangli, kolhapur , or in Gujrat properly.

So the breaking news is that the news channel should wake up and must do their work with social responsibility ,for betterment of society and not just to catch up the TRPs.

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dharmeshtripathi said...

Hi Yogesh, i have searching for the combination of Patni + bad reached nad reahced here . It was interesting to this this pot of yoursand i will be be waiting eagerly to read the next one from you on the same topic . Wish you a happy trip to the US.