Thursday, August 24, 2006

Writing Workshop

I could not resist myself about writing on this workshop. Definitely with years to come , it was essential for graduate programs. It was just one of the ways to convert international students' British English to American English. Certainly ,there were numerous good things about the workshop , but there was nothing to be pointed negatively even. I enjoyed the whole day workshop and the Prof. Sheryl Holt was excellent at her skills to write and to teach even . First good thing about American English is that they want direct approach to subject. Another point was noted that they don't like flowery language ( This was specifically pointed towards Indians :-)). However , it is certainly good not to use heavy words where reader has to scratch his head.
The last point in the workshop was about plagiarism and she talked on this for long since this will be important point during the research.
Overall survey about the workshop was good enough to make Sheryl happy and it was indeed.

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