Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ganpati Puja

On writing a blog about Ganpati , I will be trying to avoid my personal religious feelings , since the Ganpati Puja was established with an aim to socialize the people. This was the time when I used enjoy at home .This time I will be missing it , but will try to maintain the tempo here in Minneapolis. During the ten days , the atmosphere was used to be religious , soothing and exuberant. Overall idea behind Ganesh festival was to make people aware of the things happening around the world through various cultural programs. The festival was never restricted to one community even though it was established in Maharashtra , it was supposed to spread over the world , indeed it has. But there are certain things missing now a days.
I remember my childhood days when I used to search for various ideas for decoration during Ganpati and used to put ideas like Stoppage of Indo-Pak wars , mingling of Jungle animals,Peace in water world etc. With the age , I have lost my touch in doing these things and it has become more Puja orientated only , but I always feel that the Ganesh festival was the best thing happened on the earth to bring the people together. Even mandals in Pune , Jalgaon , they have stopped conducting social programs with evolution of new technologies. People don't participate in the programs and don't mingle with each others. So Ganesh Puja has lost its real meaning. I pray to Ganpati that everything should become as it was earlier.
I would like to pay my sincere tributes to people who died in Bombay blasts on July 11. I hope Ganpati will make their souls rest in peace.

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Sameer said...

what a lovely idol!