Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So when you look at the sea , what you imagine as a human being is why there is no end to the sea. If you keep going inside it, you will keep losing yourself in its abstruseness. And somehow you see land , you cry out "Eureka , Eureka!!" . Is this something related to my blog here? No way..No way..!! But somehow I realize the classes are so important while studying here that I did not get time from last one week to update my blog. It is not that I am busy with my schedule..but finally managing the classes , homeworks , part time job , meetings , preparing the food and all rest of the activities on internet , I was proned to go into hibernation. But however , I managed to escape and here I am again.

The week had passed and the classes are in full flow now. Assignments have begun and almost after 3 years, I have to think about taking the notes and writing them properly for homeworks. Oh goodness!! I vividly remember my school days when i used to do homework regularly and was always the first one to bring them in the class and teacher was asking others to imitate me. Even though , nobody did that, and I was thankful to my friends for that. But those days were really different , now the idea of homework in US is way apart from what I was thinking or even thought of.I am somewhat impressed with American Education System of which I always wanted to be part of for sometime and that's what I am now. Overall in first week , I realized the difference between American Education System and my education back at home. So there is really need to revamp Indian Education.

While reading A Beautiful Mind, I had imagined the dominance of US in mathematics world , and I experienced that too. It was really great while attendingProf. Paul Garrett's seminar on "Automorphic forms and Number theory" . And this will be my best thing that I am going to enjoy every bit of Math while being in US . In time, when the fight for aid is still going on , I have decided to concentrate on my research and co-ordinate with my advisor , Prof. Eric Wyk.

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