Sunday, August 27, 2006


The movies by Hrishida were always been away from fancies , richness and they used to touch your heart and simplicity was the main formula overall. These kind of movies can be made by a gem only. Hrishda was a gem on the earth and we have suffered a huge blow today. Even though he was not making movies from last few years , his presence on earth was required to teach some lessons to new generation directors specially Karan Johar. The "middle class" characters of movies was depicted perfectly. Anand was the best movie made by him and it was that movie which brought the city of Bombay closure to people. Finally the movie was all about comman man who was fighting with his death,sorrows with new zeal of life. I salute this persona Hrishida or Babu Moshaya .May his soul rest in peace.
" Anand mara nahi Anand marate nahi "
- Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee from 'Anand'.

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