Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ways to disaster

Indian team and its management are all the time finding some way to kill its fresh talents. I am really getting obsessed with coach's strategy, captain's opinions and management's team selection. Now for the third ODI against South Africa, they have dropped Suresh Raina, Dinesh Mongia from playing eleven. The decision is correct as both players are not in good form. Dinesh Karthik has been inducted in the team to just ruin his cricket career as specialist batsman. Dinesh all through his career has played as a wicket keeper/batsman , but he will be directly used as batsman and that too against good bowling attack and bouncy pitches of south africa..this is nothing but killing this young talent in its early infant ages. But my sincere wishes to D.Karthik to do good against all odds.
Another case of concern , M. Kaif is getting chances , just because Yuvraj Singh is not there in the team. During Champions Trophy , M.Kaif was not given a look by captain and Suresh Raina who was going though bad patch , played all the matches. M.Kaif is the same player who has class of level of Dravid himself. So Mr. Captain who opts to keep mum in most of the matter , should at least take some corrective decisions , this is just for the betterment of Indian Team which will keep them away from humiliation they are receiving from Politicians these days( Finally cricket has become politics these days, Mr.Sharad Pawar is President of BCCI)

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