Monday, December 04, 2006

Statue Vandalism

Because of my exams , I could not finish this post on time, but my next two topics will be interrelated. First on this course is Statue Vandalism.
Is anybody here with very clear idea why the statues are put around the corners of roads or colonies?Are they meant to be for vandalism only? Why people have become so obnoxious?Person in statue does really care for all happenings around? There are so many unrequited questions. But nobody to answer. Have we lost our conscience totally?Next paragraph will talk about my personal thinking about statues and the happenings around statues.The topic here is not going to be related to any particular religion or cast and hopefully this will not be mingled with personal feelings.
What is the main idea behind the establishment of statues? There can be many views to this question. 1) To present sculptor's skills. 2) To motivate the people with great work of character in statue. 3) To make the place beautiful. 4) To vandalize them.Any more are possible, but I can think of these only four right now at least. Leaving the first three views , people in India are more opting for fourth view. So if somebody vandalizes the statue, then only people around it realizes the meaning of the statue and somehow their conscience lingers and they start fighting for it, destroying public property, destroying the property of our own nation. What a holy shit is this? Few days back few culprits vandalize the statue of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in Kanpur and it caused the problems in Maharashtra and in fact Maharashtra was closed for a day even. How logical is this? Useless, bullshit. People in UP hardly cared for this incidence, but people in Maharashtra were so aggressive and violent that they burnt more than 100 years old Deccan Queen Express.
This is not the one incidence when people do not use their conscience totally. Just a week or two before Bombay blast in July 2006 , Shiv Sainiks did the similar thing by destroying the properties in bombay after Balasaheb Thakrey's Mother's statue vandalism incidence. And we say shiv sena wants to transform Mumbai and they want to lead in Maharashtra. If they never hesitate to destroy the property in Mumbai , how can they even think of transforming Mumbai?Useless buggers. It was clearly a political stunt and if they think by this way, they can win elections, I tell you forget winning , if they can capture the seats which they had in previous elections, that will be achievement for them.
My question to people will remain same. Have we lost our conscience?? The day people can get the answer for this question, I guess such a humiliation in India will definitely stop. Till then I pray to God to restore the conscience in people in India.

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