Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kabul Express

Must watch movie for everyone who believes in human emotions. It is one of the best movies I have watched recently. I will rate the roles of characters as per below ranking
1. Salman Shahid ( Imran Khan Afridi)
2. Hanif Hum Ghum (Khyber)
3. Arshad Warsi(Jai Kapoor)

That's all. John Abraham was not bad..but he could have done better. The role played Salman Shahid was so excellent and director Kabir Khan has given him best freedom to do well in that typical Taliban Pakistani soldier role. The movie is so ordinary till the last moment when you get those touching human emotions which epitomizes the idea that finally pakistanis are also human beings.
Best dialogue in the movie Arshad Warsi says "Aapka naam kya hain?" .Salman replies "Imran Khan Afridi" ..Arshad says "to aap cricket khelana jante honge" ..Salman replies with handsome answer "Kya aapke hindustanme her Sachin naam ka aadmi ballebaaz hota hain kya?" ROFL... and awesome acting by Salman Shahid .

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666 said...

hhmm as a rule I dont watch Hindi movies.. but after reading your review 'Kabul Express' appears good.