Monday, December 25, 2006

Lok Paritran

Few days back , I was reading newspaper with the news of Lok Paritran , the new party opened by IITians for betterment of Indian Politics. There is similar community in orkut supporting the party. I guess , it may be the first strongest party there with so many members. But one thing i noticed about the community in orkut is that , major people of the community are in US. What a joke!!! The people who believe that the party can change the things in India , are themselves out of India when India will need all these people to make Lok Paritran to win the upcoming elections and take over the Government. But is it so easy in India? I never think so. It is not party , but what we need is a revolution in our thought process to make people believe in reality and accept the things as they are. If you need change in politics in India, change the thought process by changing education and making it possible to reach to lowest element of society. I know it is easy to say or easy to write on blog, but we need a proper direction to get this idea done. Hopefully, we all Indians will see that day of politics without corruption.


666 said...


Is this party only for IITians or lesser mortals are allowed as well:-)

Thinking of a COEP party .. they would call it 'Awaaz Kounhacha' haha

yogsma said...

@666 is not for IITians only. It has been established by IITians , but it is for all those people who wants to change the face of Indian politics and society and do good things for people. In chennai , this party has achieved a lot of success already in Muncipal Corporation elections and will be taking part in Bombay elections soon.. Not a bad idea..if this party takes the slogan..Awaaz Kunacha..(Not of course COEP)..but Bharatacha..what say.