Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brain Drain

People say IITians are not staying in India as they were before and we are facing the situation of brain drain. How true is this? Look at this article Home is where the money is. Still I don't agree with this article and any idea which says that IITians are preferring to stay in India for money. Article says only 29 out of 3980 IITians have gone abroad for higher studies and for job in 2006.This seems to absolutely bullshit to me. It is not at all true , as I have already seen around 10 to 12 IITians joining American Universities for higher studies. And out of these 5 are with me at UMN itself and during my discussion with them, I realized that there will be definitely more than 29 who joined American universities. I don't want to prove here anything, i just think the article is not published with true sense.

In fact the brain drain has increased , even though people don't prefer to go to US/UK/Germany for higher studies immediately after their undergraduation. And even if number of IITians has gone down, students from engineering , medical and other colleges and universities are preferring to go to US/UK for higher studies due to ease in getting loan and visa. The reason is simple , when US/UK universities offer flexibility in education and work equally and pay enough during studies , why to do a job which may not hone one's skills. In UMN , I have seen so many students from India have come to do their masters in biology and its related area. And true to this , America is growing in that area at amazing speed. We are still way behind in biotechnology,bioinformatics which are increasingly becoming popular in Indians now-a-days.

A proper education policy which will properly map all the views and basically views from all sorts of people , should be discussed and devised to stop brain drain. Remember , hope is good thing. And I hope coming years will change Indian Education system which is paralyzed due to politics, corruption,castism.

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666 said...

Good post saalli. That number of 29 is certainly bullshit. However, though there is an outflow of brains, consequent to this is the inflow of money, recognition which these brain drains result in. Very true, our education system is riddled with vices like politics, casteism