Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When he left

I still wonder on his abilities and I still rate him the best batsman in the world , even better than any current contemporary batsmen. He was better than Tendulkar, Dravid, Lara, Ponting , Gilchrist, Pieterson etc. Who was he? He was Michael Bevan. At the age of 36, he called it a day to international cricket. Bevan was one of those batsman who made one day cricket so famous and so popular in his time. Basically he had characteristics similar to me when I was playing cricket. I was infamous batsman in my colony team as I was firm believer in collecting singles and twos rather wasting power in hitting sixes , fours or risking the wicket. And I have always tried to take the responsibility to take the team to victory by batting throughout and sometimes people have praised me for that. I still believe in those tactics in real life too sometimes. And Bravo(Bevan) was also similar type of player. His innings for Australia were just unforgettable. They may not be entertaining like Sehwag's innings for some people , but I have always got immense pleasure while watching him batting. Bevan created his position in One Day Cricket such that people started using the phrase Bevan's way of playing cricket. And sometimes back, Yuvraj and Kaif were on similar track , but they lost in between somewhere. Indians do need Bevan to make their dream true. Sometimes things do change and sometimes it happens all of a sudden. Bevan wish you a great life ahead. Adios to Bevan and his cricketing abilities.

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