Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Year that was ..A Year this will be

Already 11 days have past from new year eve, I was wondering what to write on the blog.Truly, I was feeling too lazy to write anything on the blog. The time , I was using for reading and coding and orkutting. 2006 was happening year and hopefully 2007 will be more. Semester is about to begin and have to get back to work with new subjects and new beginning again. An era came to end and hopefully it will see the decline of Australian cricket as we saw for West Indies when Ambrose and Walsh retired. But it is not easy for other to defeat Australia still as they have plenty of raw talent. Cricket world cup will going to be held from March and first time West Indies will be hosting it. Some days back I read West Indies are aiming high number of Indians in America for World Cup. But it all depends how India performs in World Cup. With their recent form , if they can qualify for semifinal , it will be really respectable for them.

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