Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally GOLD

This is the moment to cherish for life. Despite somebody else has achieved something, the feeling has not sunk in completely...Abhinav Bindra did the unimaginable at the summer olympics for which all cricket crazy people were waiting...finally for sometime cricket took back stage. This is the moment why I feel to be proud to be an Indian...this is the moment which binds every indian together..this is the moment I feel even God will feel envy of...this is the moment that will be cherished for years or days to come till we win another gold. I hope by 2020, we will be topping the Olympics gold medal tally...(just for the information, China won its first gold in 1984 ..source they are topping the tally)..So with that hope, I feel India won't be much behind sooner. We need more bindras and more gold medals...Yeh dil maange more....AB proved at last Singh is King.:-). In the picture , you can see Chinese shooter's Zhu Qinan's emotions, after losing the gold , he cried a lot and he had also topped the qualifiers .Well somebody has to win , but I sympathsize with him. Winning the gold is easy , but winning the silver or bronze is more tougher as everybody goes for gold,nobody goes for silver or bronze.....but let me cherish this moment .

photo source : Indiatimes

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666 said...

great post.. interesting point of china's first gold medal. but i guess thats because of the communist regime's refusal to participate in the olympics before 84

It indeed is a very proud moment for all us Indians. Cheers