Sunday, June 29, 2014

What do you listen while running?

Running is a meditation while being active. Running is a love for yourself. Running is a bliss. I have got to that point about running that the day I don't run, I feel I have lost some part of my body. I have been running from last year on and off, but the focus for running has come in last 3-4 months and every time I run, I feel I should run that extra mile. So what inspires you while running? Here is the list of my 5 songs I listen while running that keeps me on my feet all the time.

1) 500 miles by Peter, Paul & Mary - This song is very synonymous with running and it just keeps me pushing harder and harder for every mile I run. I think I can keep this song on loop while running and I won't get bored of it.
2) Sirens by Eddie Vedder - The song has such a profound meaning and it is a typical Eddie Vedder song where it touches your heart if you have followed his other songs like "No Ceilings" or "Society".
3) Make your own kind of music by Mama Cass - This is a very chirpy song and very refreshing dancing kind of song. Also considering its connection with TV show "Lost", the song has been in my playlist for long time now.
4) Final Countdown by Europe - I think this is my eternal favorite song considering how geeky this song is. From early 90s to till now, the song has always been in my every music playing instrument. Tape recorder, walkman, ipod, cd player, TV or even my phone now.
5) Demons by Imagine Dragons - Imagine Dragons' first album's song that made them famous. The deep meaning of the song and the voice of Dan Reynolds is very influential. 

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