Sunday, August 11, 2013

Book Review: The Disappearance of Tejas Sharma and other hauntings

With utmost pleasure and interest, I am happy to write a review of a book. This book has more personal connection than any book I have ever read in my life, so I will definitely be biased little bit, but my opinion about the book is 100 percent my opinion and I am proud to say this book is a "Must read"

Manish starts with a folk story and while growing up in a small village in India, I have come across such stories. The main attraction of the story is the finesse with which Manish tells the account of the happenings in a small village. In general I love the book when I can relate to characters or happenings and probably I love this story even more because there are characters which I might have come across in my life. It is a big thing for an author to achieve this in his first book because it makes the stories personal and unforgettable.

One of the stories have a dangerous and humor touch at the same time. Manish's attempt at the humor is really praiseworthy because you chuckle at the end part of the story and then keep your eyes wide open in disbelief thinking "What just happened?"

Couple of stories have touch of Saki. Manish's writing is incredibly mind blowing and so perfect that you can create the mental picture in your head for these stories. These stories will give you the depth of Manish's  knowledge and research about people and culture.

Story telling is the hardest art and if an author can keep its readers intrigued till the last line of the story, I think author has hit a home run. One of the stories "Her Unkept Promise", have that touch where Manish keeps you at the edge of the seat till the last line of that story. From this story, I can only say that author has so much potential to become a famous author in coming days.

Last time, I was terrified for whole night or there was a chill down my spine, it was when I watched "The Shining". Stephan King and Jack Nicholson is a combination which can create nightmares and cause you sleepless nights. I had a similar feeling with the central piece of the book "The Disappearance of Tejas Sharma". This story is a master piece in story telling and Manish has done a tremendous job. Since I know Manish personally, the certain aspects of the story are very close to my observation and those even make this story more chilling.

Hats off Manish, the book has been incredible piece of your hard work and this is just the beginning. Way to go !!

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