Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The day before Regatta and Regatta day

Back to blog.5th and 6th march 2005 were very special days .After almost an year , i was going to meet my old college mates talkative Kshitij,Comedian Kiran ,Serious Satish ,Secluded Manish,Bald Sudhir etc.The list is long and never ending.The proposed were on the map of collapse as Dad was coming at home and i didn't want to make him unhappy.But with a hard heart , i took the decision to go to Puna assuming that the relationship of Friends is flexible and it may be broken at any moment if not understood properly.On the other hand , my Dad was more understandable and mature person and my relationship with him is not fragile , but it has certain strong wires which connect our hearts.
The journey to Puna through Karjat Ghat was always entertaining and enthusiastic.Still i was pretty sleepy on that day as i was travelling in the hot sun time and had left home just after my heavy lunch.The wheels of Hyderbad were quiet fast and they touched Puna at around 4:15 PM.My feets were bit of lithargic and started waiting at COEP hostel gate for our much covated meet at 5:00 PM.Thankfully Kshitij reached on time , few minutes later Kipa arrived and took a toll of hitting from my side for his solitude behaviour from more than a year.Satish and Pankaj reached the place on his two wheeler.Time started running and old memories started flushing through our chats.We started babbeling loudly and people around were staring at us.But that day we were not caring for anybody.Finally this did reflect our love and joy for each other.The time was running and our talkatholon was supposed to go till eternity.But finally we had our dinner at Chaitanya near Ruby Hall and we started our back journey to respective asylums.I and Kiran were going to kshitij's flat.
The night out at Kshitij's flat which is almost out of city was wonderful when we revisited our old college memories.The next day was Regatta day which had and will be a special day for we COEPians. I missed the Chakravyuh being with Kshitij, Kiran and Satish.Manish was waiting for me throughout the day .Sorry Manish! Finally we met all at the boat club around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.Last time i had met Manya on 26th December 2003 or around that period when he was in Mumbai.We decided to took the place as the show was supposed to begin at around 5:15 o'clock. Slowly we started chatting with our usual tones and asking about each other .What is happening and what are the new things?Rohit too stepped in soon as he was never that much towards our end.Everybody astonished when they listened that i would be travelling to Boston in a two weeks time.But that was true.It was nice feeling of meeting to our old hostel roommates.The Show was going to begin and the Mashal Dance team was going across the river in a boat. The boat capsizedaccidently.Initially we were staring at the incidence with nothing awe on the face.Slowly the incident took a serious turn as all the members of the show were in that boat and this was assumed that all members are safe. Suddenly somebody of the crew realized one fellow was still in the water. The fellow was Mayur Kamble. People at the other end started searching for him in the water.Finally after 25 minutes , they were able to find him the water.By the time it was late already. It was sad to listen that the boy had expired.This was really hard to digest that everything took place in front of my eyes.
The day began on a good note ,but ended with a sad demise of a COEPian.Heartiest tribute to Mayur Kamble.May his soul rest in peace.God Bless Him.


yogsma said...

This was a true story . God Bless his soul.May his soul rest in peace.

666 said...

The memory remains... as the Mama in the boat pulled out the lad's body. Life is short .. spare not all the flowers for the grave.Amen