Saturday, July 23, 2005

Orkutting and Blogging

Sometimes before , i was alone till i was introduced to these two things, Orkutting and Blogging , both are the products of Google's special invention. Orkutting made me realize my friend circle while blogging did make me think before i speak or write anything.Orkutting a full time pass stuff while we communicate with our closer friends and share our thoughts . It is the way to introduce yourself to world.Realization of unrealistic thoughts comes when one is surrounded by people.
Blogging is other way to generate your unrealistic thoughts which sometimes come when you meet the people by someway.But still Blogging has given me immense pleasure of writing which was checkered long time ago.Both are the things are my favorite time pass and feel to be doing that all the day.But getting topics for blogging is as difficult as writing something in friend's scrapbook.Still i am trying to escape from them..till the time keep blogging and keep orkutting:-)

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Anonymous said...

Time makes one think! Makes one express! when it comes to the brain....